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Outbreak News Interviews

May 12, 2023

Two countries in Africa, on opposite sides of the continent–Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania, have been battling Marburg Virus Disease outbreaks since February and March, respectively.

Marburg has had a fatality rate as high as 88%, but with lessons learned from prior outbreaks and epidemics, those rates are dropping.

My guest today says “Without question, lives are being saved today in Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania and neighboring countries, thanks to lessons we learned during the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa during the 2015-16 epidemic.”

Today we look at Marburg virus and techniques employed that have prevented the spread of the disease and saved lives.

Joining me today is Gene Olinger, PhD, Dr Olinger is the Chief Science Advisor for MRIGlobal

Watch the video version at Outbreak News TV