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Outbreak News Interviews

Oct 23, 2023

Bangladesh is battling to control its most devastating dengue fever outbreak recorded since the dengue virus reappeared in the country in 2000,

Although dengue is endemic in Bangladesh, this year's outbreak is unusual in terms of case burden, mortality and seasonality.

The record season has seen more than 250,000 cases to date, including a global leading 1255 deaths. Both numbers easily exceed previous records in Bangladesh significantly.

So what is the on the ground situation in Bangladesh, why is it so bad this year and what is being done to get the epidemic under control?

Today’s guest will shed some light on the record breaking dengue outbreak of 2023.

Joining me today is Dr. Md Rafiul Hasan , Dr Hasan is with the Government Health Department of Bangladesh, a field epidemiologist and actively involved in working to manage the outbreak.