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Outbreak News Interviews

Sep 30, 2017

This week we got the latest data on sexually transmitted infections from a CDC’s annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report which told of some serious problems we’re having with STDs in this country.

More than two million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were reported in the United States in...

Sep 29, 2017

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA is a bacteria that is resistant to many common antibiotics. It can cause a variety of problems ranging from are skin infections and sepsis to pneumonia to bloodstream infections.

Monday is World MRSA Day, a day to raise the awareness of MRSA around the globe and to...

Sep 26, 2017

In the latest installment of the Parasites 101 series on the podcast, Parasitology teacher and author of Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests, Rosemary Drisdelle joined me to discuss the protozoan parasite, Dientamoeba fragilis.

"The unflagellated human flagellate", D. fragilis is a pathogenic...

Sep 26, 2017

In this podcast, which is a short segment from a comprehensive interview about sepsis I had with infectious disease physician, Steven LaRosa, MD this past weekend on the radio show, I pulled out an interesting segment on his views of what laboratory tests he found useful in the diagnosis of sepsis.

In the segment,...

Sep 25, 2017

According to the Sepsis Alliance, sepsis has been named as the most expensive in-patient cost in American hospitals costing billions each year with forty percent of patients diagnosed with severe sepsis not surviving.

September is Sepsis Awareness Month and infectious disease physician and returning guest, Steven P....