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Outbreak News Interviews

Jan 17, 2022

In previous interviews, I've looked at the topic of what is a clinical laboratory scientist during the annual Lab Week observance.

Today, I want to narrow the topic to the specialty of Microbiology in the clinical laboratory.

Joining me today to discuss the clinical laboratory scientist in Microbiology and his podcast,...

Jan 14, 2022

Whooping cough, or pertussis was one of the most common childhood diseases and a major cause of childhood mortality in the United States in the last century.

Before the availability of pertussis vaccine in the 1940s, more than 200,000 cases of pertussis were reported annually. Since widespread use of the vaccine began,...

Jan 3, 2022

Officials with the Colombian Army reported an outbreak of the parasitic disease, Chagas disease, which infected a number of soldiers at a military base in Cesar, in northern Colombia.

It is reported that two soldiers died while another seven were hospitalized in the ICU. The infections have been linked to...

Jan 3, 2022

In today's podcast, I go over a recent paper that discusses a number of viral, bacterial and prion diseases that have been linked to certain religious and non-religious rituals.